Thinking about Finland

What do you associate with Finland? The very first thing popping up in my mind when thinking about Finland is Tove Jansson’s mumin, ice hockey, Marrimekko and of course sauna. When I was younger I didn’t appreciate being in the dry heat but now. I love it. So while beeing in Finland I made sure to schedule a visit to the popular sauna Löyly after my half marathon. Even if you don’t run a half marathon or run at all make sure to go there. Its a must see and do.

Löyly experience

If you are going make sure to book in advance especially during weekends since it can be crowded. Bring your swimming wear and yourself and go. A standard slot is 2 hours and cost 20EUR (sept. 2020). The sauna experience is located at Munkholmen which it easy to get to from the city center. Either by bus, e-scooter or foot. The building is very beautiful made of wood and you can’t miss it. Apart from being a sauna experience where you also can take a swim in the Baltic sea to cool down between the hot rounds you can enjoy food and beverages at a beautiful terrace and bar. Or if you don’t like to do the sauna the place is worth visiting for spending some hours chilling and overlooking the water.

Going to the sauna in Finland

The first person I bumped into was no one less than the former owner of the place. A very kind Finish man that loved to share the story about the place and when he got to know I was Swedish he wanted to practice his Swedish since he also had lived in Småland for many years. That is honestly so me to random end up talking to people. I might look like an interesting person since it happens so often. Anyway, that made this visit a little bit more memorable.

The sauna place had two different saunas that everyone who paid entrance could access and one private one that you could book if you wanted to hang out with your own company. There was a mix of people at the place. 50/50 between locals and tourists this day.

80 degrees hot. That is a real finish sauna I got to learn. And it should be dry. Sounds pretty hot right, it is but it is not extreme I can tell. It is comfy.

And one thing that is even more comfy if you do the sauna experience is to jump into the water. This day it was 12 degrees and I can tell it was refreshing. Refreshing in a great way. Would you dare?

Picture evidence. I did it. Not only one time but two and even three times I went in. Fresh. Maybe this is the year I start to do winter swims for a few times a month? I will at least try to. Could be my next challenge myself thing.

Anyway, the sauna experience is something you must try if you heading to Finland. This sauna is one of many of various styles, price levels and quality. At Visit Finland’s Helsinki page you find a guide to saunas in Helsinki. How great? wish there was a place like this in Stockholm also.

/ Pernilla that love going to saunas and spa’s

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