Vacation in Italy

Less than 24 hours after I got back to Sweden from Split I was on a plane to Italy with destination Naples. One of the officially most severe hit countries in Europe of the covid19 pandemic. Fellow travelbloggers Dryden and Maria was also heading down to Italy and sent home a digital postcard about their experiences of traveling to Italy right now. My first destination of the roadtrip in Italy was Naples and I heard that the city wouldn’t be that nice and I also first thought so when I arrived but then I really liked the place. You really felt alive there. It was chaos, dirty, felt rough, but on the same time it was charming so I would like to share some snaps from my 1.5 days there.

Running path

I need my daily exercise so of course I headed out at a run at the bay of Naples. Was much better than I would ever expect. Really liked it and it was a great path for running alongside the water and I didn’t even got lost (or end up doing way longer than expected sessions) which I often do on exploring runs. Packing advice: bring your running gear.

City sightseeing

The galleria (?) looked like the one in Milan. Quite nice if you ask me. Worth a visit to look at the beauty.

Naples architecture

Castle Dell’Ovo. When you know the Dellovo family you need to explore check out “their” castle. Check on the bucketlist.


Royal palace of Naples. Was big but not that beautiful. But worth a visit if you like to check out buildings.


Ercolano. A part of the city that you may visit if you are heading to the Vesuvio volcano. Me and my fellow travelers ended up there after trying to get to the volcano from Pompeii but without success. I liked the place. Felt local and of course a lot of trash on the streets. But that’s part of the scenery in Naples or?


In Ercolano there were a lot of markets selling everything you can imagine so passed by one while waiting for the tour to the volcano.


Fruit. I love to buy fresh fruit from street vendors. It always taste so good!


Pompeiji. Managed it there but it was a Monday so the museum was closed. Well, I am not a museum freak anyway but would have been interested to see although it is not the end of the world I didn’t. Could see a bit from the lava ruined city from outside the gate.


Pizza. Eating pizza in Napoli was part of my bucketlist. Yet another check on the 100 top list. Might need to review it soon.


The more beautiful part of Naples. Palmtrees and nice buildings together doesn’t get wrong.


Fantastic views of the vulcano. I did acutally went there for a hike. It was pretty good and hot. If you want photo friendly views of it head to the walking path in Naples.


So that was some Naples shots from my iPhone. To sum up I would say the city is worth a visit but 1,5 days are enough.

/ Pernilla that will never stop exploring the world


    1. Thanks! I had no idea either that the museums were closed on Mondays there, never thought about that before getting there and then I remembered that was also the case when I was in Pittsburgh. Hope you make it there. Was fantastic 🙂

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