Stockholm archipelago

Stockholm is really a beautiful city and easy to explore. This weekend I went to the island of Vaxholm which also is like a main island of the many ones. The original plan was to go to Grinda but due to limited capacity on the boats and we didn’t wanted to sleep over if we couldn’t get on the last one we decided to go for the safe option, Vaxholm to where you also can go by public bus. Just an hour by boat from the pier, Strömkajen, in central Stockholm you find the island and it is definitely worth a visit to get a touch of the lifestyle at the outlaying islands. Although I have been there a couple of times you always find something new. Here is what I managed to do this sunny Sunday in May.


I was hoping for a beach but couldn’t find any. There were some cliffs you could swim from and after walking a bit we found a great bridge to get into the water from. I had promised myself to take a swim this week and I am not the one not doing it although it was cold (app. 14 degrees) so after staying in the sun for a while I got in. Quick and efficient in and out but it was a refreshing feeling. Do you like swimming?

Island walk

Then we kept on walking around the island. There are a bit of shops and some nice cafés and a what seems to be extremely popular ice cream shop. If you look for typical archipelago houses you find a few over here. You could note that there was a lot of tourists around although it is not high season but extreme low season due to the cover-19. But good for the local entrepreneurs.

Vaxholm citadel

I never been over to the citadel before but there was a small boat going over there for 50 SEK so we jumped on it to see what was there. Any guess?

A gallery, a bed & breakfast, a museum and a café. The café didn’t looked like much for the world but the toast I had tasted great. Couldn’t done it better myself. After a relaxing stay out in the sun we got back to the main island again.


And ended up with a glas of rose in our hands. Not a big surprise when it comes to my diet during the summer.

Vaxholm recommendations

If you want to get out in the archipelago and have limited time the island of Vaxholm is a great choice. You simply find a bit of everything and it is easy to access both if you have a car or without. Now the summer is here and I wish for many more days with clear blue sky and more tours to visit other islands.


PS: if you are looking for more personal suggestion of trips and great places to visit in Sweden, you need to check out the Facebook page Svemestra LINK

/ Pernilla exploring the local sights

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