Traveling with Singapore airlines

I have tried two new airlines in a short time. Ethiopian and now Singapore airlines, SQ. Since 2007 when I studied in Singapore I have wanted to fly with the national airline so when it was time to do that after 12 years I was for once pretty excited about the trip. I flew their route from Singapore to Stockholm with a stop over in Moscow so when I checked in at Changi airport in Singapore I got two boardingcards. Singapore airlines is a Staralliance member. They are known to the public for their A380’s which they were the launch customer for in 2007, the flight attendants beautiful uniforms and their superior service. So the question was now, would a trip with SQ be as great as expected?

Singapore airlines

Cabin walk


The business class seats were very elegant. I hope to one day travel there. The whole interior in this Airbus A350-XWB was very stylish with soft colors making it feel like a luxuary.

Economy extra


The seats in economy extra I have tried before but not with fabric. They are very comfortable. In this AC type you are sitting 2-4-2 which is my favorite config when not traveling business class in a widebody aircraft.



Myself, I had a seat in couch. There was also one on my favorite seat models there from Rockwell Collins. Singaporeans like stylish and comfortable things  so of course the cushion was thick enough and the blankets and pillows were of great quality for being economy class.


When I boarded I got a seat just infront of a monument so it was pretty of legroom. I was the only passenger on that row and after some discussions with the couple behind me we switched seats so I was more than lucky to get a whole 3 seat row for myself. Bingo. They were also happy so they could stretch their long legs.


So in the end I got three seats like this while almost the whole aircraft were full. Since the flight time for this first flight on the way to Stockholm from Singapore to Moscow was 10 hours and my goal was to sleep as much as possible I was more than happy when I wrapped myself into the cozy fleece blankets, pulled down my eye shadow and closed my blue.

IFE, in flight entertainment


The Singapore design team must have had a blast when they designed the interior. They got all gadgets you can dream about, from cup holder to in-seat power, double USB, headphone outlet, hand control unit and Panasonic IFE system.


There was a lot f movies to choose between and also games. I watched two movies and played Tetris, a letter game and card games during the trip. No need to bring your own device.

Food and drinks


It was definitely the best in-flight menu I ever had. From drinks to food. I went to the lounge before the flight but it was super busy so I just stayed in the massage chair for half an hour without eating or drinking. Shortly after takeoff the served a hot dinner. I was very pleased with the selection and had some great noodles and wine. After the meal they came out with ice cream. If an airline serves all my food favorites it directly takes a shortcut to my “best airline list”.


This was the dinner noodles. Pork is not my thing and I had not pre-ordered any food but the noodles were great.


And noodles again for breakfast. I don’t eat egg which was the other option and while coming from Asia… to eat noodles for brekkie, lunch and dinner is possible. During the whole flight you could have snack, sandwiches and drinks. When flying SQ you don’t need to be hungry.


And from Moscow to Stockholm they served even more food. This time the best food I ever had in a plane (except ice cream at SAS) Russian pancakes with vanilla sauce and raspberries. How good can it be?

Stopover in Moscow


When traveling from Singapore to Stockholm the flight is a direct flight but it is not direct. It stops at DME airport and everyone needs to get off, get through security and then board again. My parents have tried this route and they said it was fine so I trusted them. I also think it was absolutely fine. Everything went smoothly and during the stop I enjoyed the free wifi at the airport to catch up what had been going on down at the earth while I was in the plane. When we boarded we all got new seats and this time I got a window one over the wing. If you considering a SQ flight to Singapore, don’t worry about the stop in Russia, it works perfectly fine.

Singapore airlines


You can read more about Singapore airlines HERE. Their fleet is always changing but as you can see above it consists only of widebody aircrafts. In Asia people doesn’t move by train, they fly.

My impressions of SQ


After flying one flight with SQ I just say wow. I will fly this airline every time possible. The staff was very kind, the aircrafts were modern and stylish, it was a lot of entertainment and the food was delicious. When an airline even have christmas decorations in the cabin you know it is a good airline. Luckily SQ flies to a lot of destinations in Asia so next time I am heading there you won’t be surprised if I am seated at an SQ plane again. This airline has the best economy class I have been flying with. Have you flied SQ? if so, what are your thoughts.

/ Pernilla that only have positive things to say about SQ


  1. Ja, premiärflög dem i september och var inte lika imponerad. Visst, de är inte på något sätt dåliga men de stod inte heller ut nämnvärt. Förutom glassen och de där pannkakorna, de var riktigt bra! 🙂 Intressant att du fick nytt säte efter DME-stoppet, så blev det inte för oss utan vi hade samma platser även på nästa rutt. De kör olika alltså?

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