Food while traveling Peru

I sometimes get the question what to eat when traveling and I think it is fun to make food posts so here we go. The what I have eaten while on vacation in Peru excluding the day trips eats which always was bread and jam for breakfast (with either egg or pancake) and buffét for lunch. And as always I brought some snacks. I often do that the first day when I travel so I don’t need to eat twice a day since I rather do other things than looking for food. For food I ate all my favorites. Sushi, smoothiebowl, quesadilla, pan de queso and frappe.

Hotel breakfast in Lima near airport

The first night I slept at a hotel near Lima airport. Before my flight to Cusco I ate breakfast from their buffét. It doesn’t look too delicious but the taste was not to complain over. Especially the fresh orange juice and the home made carrot cake.

Hotel food

Selina hotel in Cusco

While in Cusco I stayed at the hotel chain Selina. Their food menu is well in line with my preferences so for the meals I ate in Cusco I made it convinent for me and ate at the hotel. I had a smoothie bowl from breakfast the last day, hamburger for dinner one day and the first day a sallad. Everything tasted very good and I can recommend going to Selina for food even if you don’t stay there. The cost was roughly 10 EUR / meal including drinks.

Breakfast in Peru

Food in Peru


Machu Picchu

In Machu Picchu the food was well overpriced compared to other places in Peru. After my visit to the world wonder I had a quesadilla with alpaca. That was beyond my comfort zone to try that but it tasted really, really good. Payed like 15 EUR for food and beverage.


And at the train station I had a desert. I have to say that it was one of the best cheesecakes ever (maybe better than Cheesecake factory). This was cheap, 3 EUR including drink.



After I had checked in at my hotel I headed out for lunch and hoping to find a new cup to my Starbucks collection. But, they do no longer produce them in Lima so instead I only enjoyed my South American favorite Pan de queso (hot bread with cheese) and the Christmas edition frappe.


For dinner I craved sushi and just around the corner from my hotel there was a place serving delicious sushi. One of the best ever. Edo sushi bar. Put that name in your mind if you ever go to Lima. It was supposed to be upper class sushi but was cheap. Sushi, edamame and wine for less than 20 EUR.

Food in Peru

That was it. My culinary scene of Lima. If you are interested in food Lima has a few food tours where you can walk around trying local specialities.

/ Pernilla that had some good food during her Peru trip

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