Bukhansan National Park

Korea is covered by mountains and forest to 70% of the area. There are a lot of people in the country but they live near each other. Theoretically everyone could have a lot of space but that is not how it is. Instead there is loads of nature in the country and while going to Korea as a tourist you should check it out. The most easily accessible area from Seoul is Bukhansan National Park. Just a subway ride from the hustling and bustling in the inner city you will arrive at a busy hiking spot. Take the subway line and get off at the station Dobongsan and you will have a new world to explore.

Hiking gear and difficulties

You do necessarily not need to be kitted as a hiker from top to toe but if you want and doesn’t have your things with you there are all kinds of stores selling well known outdoor gears near the start. I had just my handbag, a bottle of water, shorts, a tee and running shoes on for my four hour hike. Just make it as advanced as you wish.

There are a lot of different trails and I picked one going to the top 2,5K from my starting point and another one back also just over 2,5K. The trails are well marked with distances and you find maps along the route. I tried to ask some locals at a few points but although we were not able to communicate verbally due to language difficulties we could understand each other and I didn’t had to sleep in the forest when I was questioning the way.

There is a lot of maps during the routes and also sign posts pointing out the directions. So don’t worry, be happy! You won’t be eaten up by a bear but a bug spray is always a good idea if you like me tend to be a popular catch for mosquitos.

Hiking images

I won’t tell a long story about my hike but instead share more than a handful of pictures from my day in the outdoors.

Stores in the Bukhansan valley selling outdoor gears. Here you find a huge mix of local places and well known international outdoor brands like Patagonia, Fjällräven, Mamut, Colombia – you name it. If you are looking for investments in outdoor grear the prices are really good here.

Welcome to the mountains!

It is really developed and clean all over the place. People are not throwing trash in the forest so don’t do it yourself.

In between the mountains you will find quite many Asian houses and buddhist temples.

There will be stairs to climb.

Outdoorsy terrain to conquer.

Streams to cross over.

And take beautiful pictures of.

Perfect picknick spots to have a break at eating snacks at.

or water to dip your feets in.

Stones to jump over and between.

Stony stairs during your climb to the peaks.

And well deserved mountain views once you are at the top. The park is open all year around so there isn’t any excuse not speding some time there. If you don’t want to hike by yourself there are numerous of tours taking you out on hikes. Sounds fun?

/ Pernilla that loves urban hikes

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