Airline review Aegean airlines

When I went to Beirut I did a part from going to a new country decided to try out a for me new airline. Trying new airlines is always fun and if I have a change to do it I take it. Aegean airlines is the Greek national airline and a meme we of Star alliance. They were well known for their extremely generous bonus system some years ago which made many customers happy since they more easily than with other airlines could ears Star alliance gold status. Nowadays Aegean is at least among my fellow friends known for having the best service concept in Europe so that I checked out. With a twist. Apart from a Europe flight from Stockholm to their hub in Athens I traveled to Asia from Athens to Beirut, Lebanon. So Aegean – as good as the rumors said?

The cabin

Aegan airlines doesn’t have any wide body aircrafts. On my first leg with them from Stockholm to Athens they had a A320ceo. The cabin itself were very basic. Leather seats, no IFE and simple interior. Felt a bit like low cost although it isn’t. I got to board the aircraft as number two because of the full flight and I had got assigned a special seat, jumpseat. In the aft galley. If you work in the airline industry you can get seated on jumpseats. In cockpits or galleys when the flights are full but it is always up to the commander to decide that. So I was lucky that day.


So, what does jumpseating mean? basically you sit on a flight attendant or observer seat. I always feel like a guest in their office when I travel on a jumpseat. Your job is basically to sit there, be nice and stay out of their way when they work. I wouldn’t say it is comfy but I like it from time to time. My longest jumpseat flight was from Düsseldorf to New York. Going within Scandinavia or Europe on jumpseat I have done more times than I can remember after ten years in the aviation business.


The galley was my view during the 3 hours and 30 minutes flight to Athens. The crew were very kind so they fed me with food and wine. And candy.


The food were great. Pasta and tzatsiki. What to expect at a greek airline? The hours went by quickly. If you had downloaded the Aegean app you could use their wifi for in flight entertainment but if you had not you had to entertain yourself. My entertainment that day consisted of an excel file that I was preparing for work. 3,5 hours later I landed in Athens without seeing anything. If you are afraid of flying jumpseating could be a bit scary since you can in many cases almost not look out the window and you are facing backwards during takeoff and landing. Does it sounds fun or not so fun doing jumpseating?

Lounging in Athens

I had a stop in Athens for just about two hours so after a quick and easy transfer I made it to the lounge. There I found a greek salad to complete my touch of Greece evening. And they had wine.

Nightflight from Athens to Beirut

The Stockholm flight had an apron position and so did the next flight to Beirut. It looked like a common thing in Athens. Correct me if I am wrong. After a short bus ride we arrived to our A320 that was going to transport us to Beirut (IATA: BEY). The flight were scheduled to be just above two hours and it was midnight when we took off.

On this flight I didn’t got any jumpseat but a whole three row seat all for myself. At the emergency exit. Somehow I do very often get the emergency row. Maybe because I look so strong?! who knows. Just after takeoff when the seatbelt sign were off I took my tranchcoat and wrapped myself in to sleep. I noted that they served food but sleeping was my priority so I cannot say anything about this flight more than I had a good sleep until the flight attendant woke me up before landing.

Flying with Aegean airlines

Have you tried Aegean? or maybe you were one of the lucky ones that managed to get hold of a gold card from them? I liked the airline and the cabin crew I met very all very kind so I can definitely consider flying with them again.

/ Pernilla the passionate traveler


  1. Nej, har inte prövat men det står så klart på att-göra-listan. Kanske skulle passa på att testa dem och Grekland samtidigt då, så får jag ett nytt land också. 40 innan 40 gäller både flygbolag och länder för mig. 😉

    1. 40 innan 40 känns bra. Va? har du inte varit i Grekland?!?! där trodde jag verkligen du varit. Rekommenderas annars. Athen är riktigt nice. Inte lika nice med ö:ar (i alla fall inte all) pga sönderturistat.

      1. Ja sevärdheterna har ju varit på plats i flera tusen år så de lär ju inte rasa ihop i första taget. “It’s just a bunch of stones” som min kompis brukar säga 🙂

      2. I flew Aegean in March to London LHR and back, after prior only using Wizz Air UK to London LTN. I was extremely surprised at the amount and kind of service that was offered, Hold baggage 23kg incl., Dinner incl. Drinks incl. And that with a Staralliance member. The cost was just a fraction higher for the return flight then with the low cost carrier!!! But if you see the perks you receive, baggage (35.00€ extra on Wizz), dinner & drinks (20 – 25.00€ on Wizz), you come cheaper by about 50 – 60.00€ just in the perks. I found the experience flying Aegean an absolute pleasure. As I’m handicapped I used this time assisted flying, at low cost carriers you always have the feeling as if you’re imposing yourself on them, but with Aegean they made sure I didn’t have to wait and most of all the made sure you feel like a normal passenger!!! Thank you Aegean!!!

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