Exploring Marrakech

One major thing that made me wanna go to Marrakech was the souks. I been to souks before in Dubai but thought this would be something different. And that was so right. My visit to the souks of Marrakech were messy, chaotic, colorful, smelly and just fantastic. I loved it every moment when I walked around in the alleys watching people, souvenirs and locals. This area of Marrakech also had a lot of hotels, called riads where for example Ladies abroad stayed during their Marocco visit. To bad that I love big swimingpools too much to book a cozy hotel. Can’t have it all so I went there for an exploring mission instead. And this is what I found.

Souk of Marrakech


Souk of Marrakech

You could buy local bread, cookies and nuts in the many (but not too many) food stalls. I tried out one of these breads and they were delicious.



Among all the people you could spot there were also donkeys that performed transportation of products and luggage to the many riads in the area.



Even the cats were fascinated by the butcher and his assortment this Monday morning. Animal head for dinner anyone?



Or maybe new antiques would be a better label. There were a lot of stands selling lamps and various kinds of pots and other ceramics. If I had unlimited space at home and a huge suitcase I would have brought kilo after kilo of stuff with me back home.

Arty stuff


I loved these signs. Local art is a favorite of mine when it comes to decorations at home. I brought another painting but these metal signs were fab.


Souk of Marrakech

People of the world. Here is one Maroccan man sitting down reading. Wonder what he is reading?


Souk of Marrakech

In Marocco they love spices. Especially cinnamon. I love that too but buying things you have at home is against my policy so although this might taste better than the one found at the supermarket I didn’t brought any with me.



In January and February it is high season for tangerines. They were everywhere, along the streets, at breakfast tables and also as snack during the marathon as well as after finishing the 42K of running. I ate a lot of them and sun grown tangerines gets two thumbs up from me.

The 900 year’s old trade place of Marrakech was a mecca for me. Apart from the above things I found there you could spot nice SPA’s, restaurants, coffee places and not so nice things in terms of monkeys and snakes that served as tourist attractions but that area I passed by in a few seconds. Doesn’t a visit to the souks of Marrakech sounds exciting?

/ Pernilla that had a blast in Marrakech


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