Running sightseeing in Melbourne

This spring I was traveling to Melbourne for some days. It was actually my second time being in the city and like the first time (and almost all trips) I brought my running shoes with me. Not for running some quality training at an athletic field but in order to explore the options as a runner. And make some more efficient sightseeing than walking. I now want to introduce you into the thing of sightseeing running and hope to share some inspo around the topic. Have you ever tried?

What to wear on a sightseeing run?

Sightseeing run outfit

On my sightseeing runs I try not to look like a sports nerd. If it is sunny I bring my sunnies, have a running skirt, a t-shirt, my sportswatch and sometimes a backpack with water, my phone, bikini and sarong with me if I am taking a break on a beach. My sightseeing runs I run in 5:30-6 min/km pace and if I have to stop I gladly do so. Take pictures or just take an extra breath.

How to plan a sightseeing run?

Sightseeing run

I am a bit old school preferring paper maps but google maps also works fine. When I plan a sightseeing run in a new city I always look out for water and parks. Those areas do usually attract runners and the traffic is limited. Also those places are very beautiful and worth seeing but walking those takes a lot of time to visit at a vacation so they are perfect spots for a sightseeing runs.

Or I pick a beach. Decide to run there, take a break with a swim and run back. I could call it sightseeing swim-run.

A great idea if you don’t want to get lost, trust me, I have ended up doing several longer sightseeing runs than planned is to run the same way back and forth. A bit boring since you will see less of the place but a safer way if you have a time constraint.

Sightseeing running in Melbourne


The city of Melbourne is a fantastic place for active people. The streets often has a shared biking/running track alongside the water so running there is perfect. There are also loads of parks and green areas if you would like to do intervals or take a shorter run.

St Kilda

Around 8 kilometers from the city center you find St Kilda beach. I would recommend this a running destination. The way there is also beautiful and you will pass by nice parks and also have a chance to see the local life. Bring your backpack and end your run with a swim before you run back – or if you are not up for a long distance run you can always take the tram back to the city center.

Night run

Melbourne is a safe city so running there during night is nothing to be afraid from. The beauty from all skyscrapers when they are lighted up makes you forget that you are actually out on a run.

Something else?

If you would like to make local friends or just have some company while running I recommend to join Adidas runners. It is a global community of runners organizing free of charge runs all around the world in major cities. Runners at all levels are welcome so that is really a great way to met people and have a run at the same time.

And don’t forget to every meter counts on your run. It doesn’t have to be a long sightseeing tour covering the whole city. The most important is to get out. 3 kilometers around in one park is more than none.

/ Pernilla that love doing sightseeing runs


  1. Älskart… Ett underbart sätt att slå två flugor i en smäll med att få se/uppleva nya platser och samtidigt få träningen på köpet… När vi själva drar iväg så har vi alltid med: Dryck, något enkelt att äta som tex ett par proteinbars, pengar, plåster mot skavsår och mobiltelefonen och sedan är vi redo att dra iväg 🙂

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