Hiking trip

Mt Rainier is one of many national parks in the US located in state Washington. The highest point in the whole state and also in the national park is Mt Rainier. A picture perfect volcano covered with a glacier. When I was in Seattle a few weeks ago visiting this park was on my to-do list so on a sunny Sunday we rented a car and drove the hour from Seattle to get there. My friend had done some research and discovered that a place called Sunshine was supposed to be the best for hiking so that was our goal. There are several hikes in the park but why not pick the best one?


The hiking trip – pre hiking

It is not free to enter the park and it costs 55 USD for an annual pass (30 for a single visit). To get to the park itself it was not that crowded although it was many people due to the peak season but to get to the hiking area we had to wait in line for about an hour since they didn’t wanted it too crowded. But after sitting in the car dreaming about something to eat when you didn’t even had breakfast and it was 3 pm then the minutes passes by slowly. But finally we passed the gate and pre-hike food was one step closer.

Hiking start

Goal reached. Food one huge line and slowmo pace service closer but finally we got even there, refueled and got ready to hike. The sunshine area was so beautiful. I wanted to take pictures everywhere.


The majority of people were americans but I spotted a few germans aswell. Some had hiking gear, some had training gear and some seemed to not care about what to wear at all. Thats one thing I like with hiking, it has not to be advanced. Just have good shoes, some snacks (recommend trail mix) and water and the rest will sort itself out.

Sunshine trail

The sunshine trail took us just over three hours to complete and then we walked in a slow pace, stopped for photos and wow moments just to stare at the beauty of the nature. It was not a difficult hike at all. No steep climbs either up or down so a moderate fitness level is good enough. The proverb that one picture say more than 1000 words is true in this case and in reality it is even more beautiful so I am done writing about this fab hike here and instead I am moving over to pictures from this idyllic Sunday in August in the Washington mountains.

Mt Rainier







/ Pernilla that want more adventure hikes in the US


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