A typical day at Mauritius

It is vacation. I love to take a four days break and go somewhere. It is just a perfect length of a stay to have four full days when you can do exactly what you feel for. My first day here at Mauritius I stayed in a small coastal village and explored that area . The second one I ran Mauritius marathon 21K which you can read all about HERE. And the third day I rested. So what do I mean when I say I rested?

Waking up

I put the alarm at 7:30 then I walked down the the breakfast buffet. It was a really good one so I enjoyed it big time. Fresh fruit, croissants, cheese and lemonade. What else? Coffee.

Working out

I love working out and especially on vacations when I have loads of time. This post running race day I went to the hotel gym for a session with focus on stretching, ABS and arms. I liked the hotel gym a lot and especially the view.

Beach time

I bought some postcards and went to the beach for a walk. Listened to one podcast, Sommar i P1, where the father of 10 year old Ebba that got killed in the terror attack at Drottninggatan in Stockholm the 7th April told the story about losing his one and only daughter.

Then I stopped and went swimming, read my vacation book which is the sport journalist Erik Niva’s book about the multi million dollar industry that soccer is.

Went swimming a bit more and walked back listening to yet another pod. This time Marko Lechtosalo “Markoolio” told the story of his dysfunctional background.

Can it be more vacation like activities?

Lunch and pool

Then it was 3 o’clock how now that happened?! I bought some fruit, had a coffee and went into the pool before I even had dried up from my last session in the water.

Sunset watching

The sun goes down already at 6 here so it is easy to catch the sunset. I am a big fan of sunsets so of course I watched it.


Then dinner time. Monday and this place was very laid back. I can tell it was not that the day before when France won the world cup. Then it was party everywhere. I watched the game at the hotel and it was pretty fun. I been cheering for France the whole tournament so I was as happy as the many French people when they won. They had a live band doing covers at bar so I chilled there and had dinner aswell. So lucky, when I checked in I got a huge room with a huge terrace and both breakfast and dinner included. And the food has been really good!

What else to do?

After this trip I been all around the coast of Mauritius and to Pampulemousse the botanical garden in the middle. You can do all kinds of water activities, visit the city of Port Louis, see sugar cane plantations, do hiking and a lot more. I like this island and the temperature is comfortable around 25 degrees so perfect for activities. The same as when I was here in September. You can do everything you expect to do when you are at vacation here and it is a great island. It feels like being in France. And that’s my favorite European country. Questions about Mauritius?

/ Pernilla at Mauritius

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