Sports in the US

Are you a sportsfan? I am for sure a sportsjunkie, I don’t just enjoy practice sports myself but I also like to watch when others are playing. When I lived in the US I watched quite a lot of baseball and American football games which was a lot of fun although I don’t know the rules. As long as I can remember I have loved to watch ice hockey and I collected NHL cards when I was a kid. Two times I been watching NHL games and I can really recommend watching live sports while you are in the US.



For the baseball and American football I did many times get sponsored tickets from people I know. That was a pure luxury and we got our own suites with premium views of the field and one time even the opportunity to walk to the field which I understood was a very exclusive thing. Another time when I was in Boston with a friend we decided to see Red sox playing baseball just hours before the actual game started. Then we just googled and found tickets. We didn’t paid more than 20-25 USD and got good seats. When I been watching NHL games and that has been the main attraction on the trip I have bought tickets from back home. Then we booked the tickets through and it worked perfectly fine. Of course you can also purchase tickets closer by the game to a lower price and I am sure there will be available tickets for almost all games in the regular serie. The NHL tickets are more expensive than baseball and american football for regular seats so count on paying around 100 USD.



Boston Red sox homefield Fenway park is the oldest baseball arena in the MBL league and just in itself worth a visit. Filled up with fans you are guaranteed an all american experience like the ones in movies and it is a must although you are a baseball fan or not. You will see a lot of americans that are there just to eat junkfood and socialize. Be prepared to find drinks in size XXL and hot dogs in bigger sizes that you ever could have imagined. If you need to know how the game works? well, not necessary. I am not into baseball so when I have been to games I have googled the rules on beforehand and then tried to figure out how it works during the game. Yet another fun thing to do while watching except being part of the american culture.

American football


I don’t know that much about american football either but when I lived in Florida I watched a handful of games so I started to figure out a bit about the rules. It was the first sport I watched IRL so in the beginning it was just super exciting to be there and it felt like being a part of a movie. I am not familiar with either Baseball or Football I would say that I prefer watching football over baseball.

Ice hockey

NY RangersIn December last year one of my bucketlist bullet points came true when I watched a New York Rangers game in Madison square garden, NYC. I was in NYC with some friends and this was the highlight on our trip. Unfortunately Henrik Lundquist didn’t play and the game itself against Dallas wasn’t that good but it ended up with shootouts so that was fun although Rangers lost. So will have to get back and watch another Rangers game when they win and Henrik Lundquist is playing. But watching ice hockey in the US is really something I recommend to do while you are in the states.

Are you in to sports?

Have you ever watched any games IRL in the US? or in any other country? since many americans love their teams and cheer for them from the bottom of their hearts I could also recommend going to a sportsbar if you want to see a game but not want to go to the actual game. That is definitely a fun experience aswell.

/ Pernilla that hope to get the opportunity to watch more games IRL


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