Travel Tuesday

Tuesdays has for a long time been my least favorite day of the week. Some years ago I had a great spinning class to look forward to on Tuesday nights, during this spring and summer I played soccer on Tuesdays but now I have an empty hole in my calendar on Tuesdays so I decided to dedicate some time to travel blogging instead. So therefore I just came up with the idea of a theme Tuesday – “Travel Tuesday” listing some travel related things. To kick this off I start writing about five interesting but a bit odd places I have collected stamps in my passport. Hopefully it is some inspiration when you decide about where to go next.

Kaesong, North Korea

North Korea

I lived in South Korea in 2008 and during that time I went on one of the most memorial trips ever – to the closed country of North Korea. It was just for one day and the city I visited, Kaesong was a lifetime experience. It was kind of difficult to get the visa but worth the effort. The day I went there it was rainy and grey in the beginning. Everyone joining the trip got a private guide escorting. We had to keep our visas visible all the time. It was not allowed to take photos outside of the tourist areas that we visited and when we had lunch there were thick walls and a closed gate surrounding our restaurant. When the buss arrived from South Korea we were to only ones at the highway, people were working hard in the rain on the green fields and armed military staff were watching them. In the city there were a lot of advertisements of military personel. People were walking and biking to their activities. The day I spent in North Korea was definitely one of the most memorial in my life.

Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei 101

One city that I been to a few rainy days in January 2008 was Taipei. I cannot say what exactly made it so special to me but maybe the mixture of old, new, China, Europe, America and Disneyland. It was a fun city that I have to get back to soon.

Punta del Este, Uruguay

Punta del Este

South America is an undiscovered spot at my world map but I been to Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. Places that are special to me. One place that I really liked was Uruguay and the beach city of Punta del Este. Apart from great beaches it has everything you can wish for if you are a beach goer. It takes a few hours to go there from Montevideo but during the trip you will be able to see a lot of Uruguay even if you are not stopping by anywhere to explore.

Florianopolis, Brazil


One of my best friends dad had a hotel in Florianopolis in Brazil and in 2012 I went there together with a couple of friends for a November vacation. The place was five star with great beaches and loads of things to explore. One activity that was extra fun was sand boarding. Florianopolis is a perfect place to visit if you want to enjoy local tourism (and sushi) in South America.

Moscow, Russia


Moscow is just a few hours by plane away and still not many Swedes has been there. Yes, it is a bit of obstacle getting the visa but trust me, it is worth the admin efforts. Russia has a lot to offer and spending a long weekend in Moscow is a well invested weekend. I can tell that what I have seen about Russia the picture shown in Swedish news is not fair. The sightseeing options are endless, the people are very helpful and it is easy to get around. It was like walking around in a history book.

That were mine five somewhat odd places of interest that are worth traveling to. Do you have any hidden treasures to share?

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