Welcome to Texas

Do you also have places you dream of going to but actually does not know why? I have a few of those and San Antonio in Texas was one so I decided to finally go there to explore the unexplored. That was definitely a wise choice because the city was fantastic. My first Texas surprise was during the approach to the airport. It was all green. I expected Texas to be more like a sandbox. Then the surprises kept on coming.

Texas surprise no 1


People were for real walking around in cowboy hats and boots. In the city, at the hotel and even bringing them when traveling. I thought it was just a made up picture I had of Texas but no. Welcome to the wild wild West.

Texas surprise no 2

Alamo by night

The second surprise was that there were a quite a few things to see. San Antonio is the 7th largest US city so when you consider then the big assortment of things to see and do gets in relation to that. Alamo might be the most famous site and of course I was there to check it out. It was very small and just some stone buildings but it was the place where the Battle of Alamo was fought in the 19th century and Texas got its liberty. History lecture – check.

Texas surprise no 3

Holiday inn

Texas can be very hot so my best recommendation is to book accommodation with a pool. I stayed at one typical American Holiday inn hotel in the city center. The pool was the very best thing with the hotel. The worst thing was a cockroach that I saw at the parking place.

Texas surprise no 4

The canals

San Antonio is not Venice (okey, never been so cannot compare) but the city center felt like. There were miles and miles of beautiful tree lined canals all around the city center. Perfect place to have a walk or a run at. I though recommend morning runs due to the massive crowds. That it was beautiful is an underestimate. The canals were not only a beautiful stretch to have a walk at. You also found SAs F&B scene here.

Texas surprise no 5


I am a huge fan of street art. Finding great unexpected pieces of art decorating the city when you absolutely not expect it could light up every grey place on earth (SA was not grey though).

Texas surprise no 6

Texas law

Carry your guns. Probably the weapon laws pops into your mind when you think of Texas and although the law is very liberal allowing people to own and carry handguns with themselves I did not notice someone carrying them openly but on each and every building you could see reminders about how to handle your weapons.

Texas surprise no 7

Tower of Americas

Looking like a replica from Seattles’ Space Needle but it is not. SA has its own landmark and it is the Tower of Americas. Worth a visit if you want to have a 360 degree view over the city from the top of the top.

Texas surprise no 8

Old houses

The city center was not grey and ugly at all. When you were walking around, all of a sudden you bumped into a misfitted ancient building from the 19th century.

Travel recommendations

San Antonio is a do-not-miss-out city in the US worth spending two days in if you want to do the basics and spend some time at the pool. There are of course plenty of places to visit outside the city center but then you need a car like in every other American city. All major US airlines flies to the airport SAT and from most other cities you need one stop. After my first Texas experience outside of the George Bush airport and Dallas Fort Worth I definitely wanna go back to Texas exploring Houston, Austin and of course also catch a glimpse of Dallas and a few hillbilly towns. The biggest problem of travels – you go one place and then find 10 new to add on the must visit list – anyone familiar with that?

/ Pernilla that fell in love with Texas


  1. Ja visst är det fint i San Antonio! Jag hamnade där av en ren slump för många år sedan, när jag egentligen var på väg med tåg till New Orleans, men en orkan var på väg in så därför stannade tåget i San Antonio och Amtrak betalade övernattning på hotell. Jag tyckte det var en supermysig stad som jag gärna skulle återvända till.

    1. Låter som en spännande resa! New Orleans skulle jag också vilja besöka. Kanske ska satsa på att timea en tågresa med en orkan så behöver man inte boka in det i reseschemat själv 🙂

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