Access to Airport lounges

Traveling can be a bit tedious and one way to overcome that is for me to have access to airport lounges so you can do something instead of just walking around in the endless airport corridors or sitting at an uncomfy seat starring at bored and tired fellow travelers. If you purchase an premium economy or business class ticket a ticket to the lounge is included in the ticket price but there are also other ways to get access to lounges. One is to pay for every single visit by using miles (and sometimes even money is accepted), get an invitation and another one is purchase a Priority pass which gives you access to the lounges.

Why I like to visit lounges

I don’t plan extra time when I travel to visit a lounge, if I have time I go there. Some years ago not all airports had free wifi and then the lounge was worth even more than today to me. Then my main reason for visiting a lounge was to surf the web. Nowadays my main reason for taking an extra stop are the mostly comfy seats and the possibility to have some snack and drink. I also like to read papercopies of newspapers so that is another reason I like to spend a while in a lounge. Do you like to visit lounges? do you have any favorite? Here below comes some examples of lounges I been to, some better than others but all better than standard airport seats.

Lufthansa lounge, Delhi (DEL)

Lufthansa loungeAfter a full day of activities and a night flight leaving Delhi at 1 am getting access to the Lufthansa lounge in Delhi was perfect. The lounge was pretty quiet and the best of all was definitely the wifi, cava and some eatable food after a long day of sightseeing. The staff were also super friendly. I had my dinner in the lounge so I could maximize my sleep on the flight home.

Formentor lounge, Palma de Mallorca (PMI)

Lounge foodTo this lounge at Palma Mallorca International Airport I got access through my Priority pass since I was just traveling in SAS Go class. I was not spending a lot of time there but I had my lunch and got some time for writing at my blog. Time that I most likely otherwise would have used to have a walk at the airport or just sitting down. The lounge standard was pretty nice and definitely a better choice than sitting around at the crowded airport.

Air France lounge, Chicago (ORD)

IMG_3729When I transfer on my way home from the US through Chicago the flight schedules does often include long stops. One time when I came from Alaska I had so many hours to spend that I was considering going out of the airport and do something nearby or just stay in the Air France/KLM lounge but since I was pretty tired I picked the lounge option. The AF/KLM lounge that I got into thanks to my Priority pass was really good. The seats were comfy and best of all was the view of the tarmac with close up planes. The food was typically healthy american styled combined with cookies, chips and free flow sodas.

/ Pernilla that likes to try out lounges and travel features


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  1. Har börjat “upptäcka” lounger lite det senaste året. Började lie smått i Vancouver förra året och det var en solklar win eftersom jag var på flygplatsen i väldigt god tid. Annars har det blivit mest på Arlanda några gånger. Borde verkligen nyttja mitt Diners-kort mer, som ger besök beroende på hur mycket jag spenderar på kortet varje år.

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