Visit India

When planning for the trip to India I was sure it would be a trip different to all others I have made. The four days we spent exploring the Golden Triangle was truly an adventure that far beyond my expectations. I simply loved it. The craziness, the colorful people wearing saris, the cows on the streets, stray dogs, the dirt, the friendly people, the heat, Taj Mahal, the beggars knocking on the windows to our car when we waited for green light in crossings, people that were doing their daily toiletries in water pounds, huge fortresses, old palaces and our hotel pool in Agra. The streets of India was a crazy mess but I loved it so here comes a few captures from the streets around the Golden Triangle between Delhi, Agra and Jaipur to close the loop of my India story.

India through my lens

Children in India

Streets of India



People of India

Housing in Jaipur

/ Pernilla that had an amazing trip to India


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