Visiting Fiji

One might think that Fiji is the paradise on earth but I can confirm it is not. I have heard from several other persons that has been there it is not a place worth going to but curious as I am I wanted to check it out myself. It sounds like a dream destination right?

Fiji airways

Fiji airwaysI flew there from Hong Kong with Fiji airways. It was my first time with that airline and it was okey. They also fly from Singapore, San Francisco and LA directly to Fiji so it is just one stop if you are coming from Sweden. The flight from HKG to Nadi (NAN) was 10 hours so it is pretty far but a night flight so plenty of time to sleep.

Arriving to Fiji

Hotel at FijiI had planned for two or three days at the island and after a never ending immigration line I took a taxi to my hotel. It was so quiet there. And green. There were mostly Aussies and people from New Zealand visiting. From a picture point of view the island looked perfect. But I immediately realized it would be quite difficult to travel between places since it was kind of far and the communication was not to good so I decided to stay at the resort area and around after I researched a bit about what to do. It was honestly nothing.

Fiji beaches

Fiji beachI felt that something was missing on the island. Beaches. There were of course beaches but to long, sandy and white beaches. Fiji is a volcano island so the beaches were black and the water were not clear and blue as one can imagine. I had no expectations but this was a big disappointment anyway. So my beach days became pool days.

Polynesian culture

PoolThe pool was nice though. Actually my best memory from Fiji. The local people was not that sweet and welcoming as one can imagine and I think is sad. I don’t know if it is because of their culture or the feeling that they are tired of tourists. It would be interesting to also travel to other Polynesian islands to compare. I heard Samoa should be very a very nice place with nice people but it was unfortunately not possible to go there this time.

Fiji selfieTo sum up: Fiji is not worth going to. The island itself looks like Mauritius but the beaches are missing. I would 1000 times rather travel to Mauritius than Fiji since also the locals are sweet and friendly there. I don’t regret I went to Fiji but it is not a place on the top of my travel list. I liked it as much as Maldives and that was not a place that I liked. Too much of just staying at a resort place. Nice to see but that is it. Have you been to Fiji? what was your impression?

/ Pernilla that is not impressed by Fiji


  1. Jag har också varit sugen på någon avlägsen ö sådär men Fiji? Nja, inte nu direkt kanske efter den recensionen. Bara att jag läste om de långa köerna immigrationen fick mig att må dåligt. 😉 Då låter, utan att veta ett skvatt, Samoa mer lockande. Eller Marshall Islands?

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