Yes, it is possible. Yes, I have done it before. Yes, I plan to do it again. I have a week off work in March and I have been thinking about where to spend my vacation. I want city, sun, running, yoga and world class beaches. It is always difficult to fit everything into one trip but not mission impossible. After some research I found came up with my initiary.

Seoul, South Korea

First stop will be Seoul in South Korea. I have not been back since I moved from there in the summer 2008 and I hasn’t wanted to go there either. But now I feel ready for a walk down the memory line so that will be my first stop. My plan is to work half day on Friday when my vacation starts and fly the shortcut to Asia with Finnair (or Lufthansa) so I wake up in Seoul on Saturday morning. Then I have two days in Korea.


Honolulu, Hawaii – US

On Sunday night I plan to take a night flight to the beach paradise of Hawaii. I try to go there once  a year the Hawaii trip ended up in Mexico so I will give it a new try. Four days with fantastic beaches, hiking, running and yoga. Two days for exploring new things and two days for doing old favorites. Fair enough. Then up in the air again for a night flight to LA.

Hawaii beach

LA, California – US

Waking up in LA, spending Friday, Saturday and Sunday in my beloved California where I plan to end my vacation with running a race. I need a revanche from my big fat sickness fail at Hong Kong marathon. Then heading home to Stockholm with the SK night flight.

California sunset

How does that sound? one week vacation and an around the world trip. No new destinations though but my next vacation in April I plan to do visit a lot of new places.

Bye the way, my travelblog colleague Dryden also came up with an idea for an around the world trip. But in 69 hours only. Check out his initiary suggestions HERE.

/ Pernilla in vacation mode



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