100 places to visit

I guess we all have a long list of places we want to explore. Cultures that we wanna experience and life learnings that we have read about, places we seen pictures at or other things we want to experience in real life. Although I have been fortunate and traveled quite a lot in my life I still have a long list with things I wanna see, places I wanna go and things I wanna do. Like one of my favorite travel bloggers Readyfortakeoff I have listed 100 travel related things I wanna do. The problem is that the more you travel, the longer the list becomes. Here below are my top 100 pick’s for the moment. A list that I will take a look at next time I have difficulties to decide where to go.

Bucketlist places

  1. Visit Petra in Jordan
  2. See Tai Mahal in India
  3. Run a halfmarathon in Telaviv
  4. Stay at Marina bay Sands in Singapore
  5. Run the big 5 marathon (Tokyo, London, Berlin, Boston and NYC)
  6. Hike to the top of Kebnekaise
  7. Explore the beaches at New Caledonia
  8. Hiking at Tromsö
  9. See Nordic light
  10. Stay at the ice hotel in Jukkasjärvi
  11. Walk around at Machu picchu
  12. See the Iguazu falls
  13. Sailing in Croatia
  14. Run 3-4 marathons abroad every year
  15. Visit Big sur
  16. Hiking in the Atlas mountains
  17. Watch Formula 1 at a cool place
  18. Visit the ice festival in Northern Japan
  19. Explore the real Hawaii island
  20. Visit all Disney parks (Paris and HKG to go)
  21. Go for dessert safari
  22. Try all rollercoasters at Six flags in Florida
  23. Skiing in the alps
  24. Go for a surfing, yoga and hangout long weekend trip to Biarriz
  25. Visit all states in the US
  26. Fly with Singapore airlines
  27. Taking nice photos at Reunion
  28. Try out the worlds fastest rollercoaster
  29. Hike to Trolltunga in Norway
  30. Go sailing at White Sundays in Australia
  31. See Cirque de terre
  32. Skiing in Georgia
  33. Visit Mongolia
  34. Skiing the famous XC skiing race Marcialonga
  35. Explore the west coast of the South island in New Zealand
  36. Swim in the worlds largest swimingpool in Chile
  37. Do yoga at Aruba
  38. Go to Bora bora
  39. Visit the Airbus factory in Tolouse
  40. Explore the beaches of Cook island
  41. Go for a cruise in the Carribean
  42. See the Panama canal
  43. Buy a Starbucks cup in Taiwan
  44. Participate in Vasaloppet in China
  45. Visit Auswitch
  46. Take photos of amazing temples in Meyamar
  47. Visit Tibet
  48. Go to Cape Verde for a week
  49. Island hopping in Greece
  50. Sailing in Croatia
  51. Run the marathon in Almighty
  52. Watch soccer world championships live
  53. Watch NHL in Madison square garden
  54. Watch a musical in London
  55. Tomorrowland festival in Belgium
  56. Revisit South Korea where I went to the Uni.
  57. Celebrate Kingsday in Holland
  58. Check out tiny little Luxemburg
  59. Visit Miami ultra festival
  60. Visit the west coast of Florida
  61. Live the expat life in Hong Kong for a few years
  62.  Visit the indoor swimingpark in Berlin
  63. Explore Greenland
  64. Swim in the pools in Budapest
  65. Watch penguins at Madagascar
  66. Check out Sri Lanka
  67. Try out a helikopter ride
  68. Drink afternoon tea at Raffels in Singapore
  69. Swiming and skiing at Lake Tahoe
  70. Visit all cities that have hosted the Olympic games
  71. Skiing trip to Vail
  72. See the pyramids in Egypt
  73. Visit markets in Marrakesh
  74. Fly with a sea plane
  75. Stay at a castle in France
  76. Visit Pantagonia
  77. Explore a huge container harbour
  78. Visit Mekka and see all preyers
  79. Go to Bangladesh and visit an orphanage
  80. Walk to the top of mount Fuji
  81. Check out an aircraft grave yard
  82. Visit the country side in rural China
  83. Hiking in Nepal
  84. Visit Apple head office
  85. Drive the Garden route in South Africa
  86. Yoga trip to Costa Rica
  87. Watch polar bears in Svalbard
  88. Check out the channels of Venice
  89. Eat pizza in Naples
  90. Watch the olympic games live
  91. Explore the beaches of Barbados
  92. Visit all new 7-world wonders (4 to go: Chichen itza, Thai Mahal, Petra, Machu Picchu)
  93. Visit the Tianzi mountains in China
  94. Do ice hiking in New Zealand
  95. Visit the Glacier park in Montana
  96. Kayaking at Phewa lake in Nepal
  97. Clubbing, beach and lounge trip to Ibiza
  98. Visit Oman
  99. Visit the castle Neuschwinstein in Germany
  100. Reach the top of Kilimanjaro

Do you think some places are missing?

/ Pernilla that wanna escape the grey Swedish winter


  1. Många roliga punkter! Kul grej att göra en lista med sådant man vill hitta på – kanske jag ska ta efter 🙂 Sen är det bara att börja att checka av!

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