Hi guys! hope you had a wonderful weekend wherever you are in the world. Swedish mates, I am sorry to tell you that from now on my blog will be in English again. Hope you don’t mind. I am not comfortable writing in Swedish so therefore the transformation back to English. However, here comes the last chapter in my travel summary from my Mexico and US vacation that I returned from one week ago. It is a guide in how to maximize fun and chill in 48hours at Miami beach.


Step 1: Rush out of the plane and make sure to be the first one passing through the security since it can take ages in MIA. Then save some $ and take the local bus to Miami beach.

Step 2: Celebrate your arrival with visiting a nice bar. Have a mojito or something else drinkable that you like and feel the vibe of Miami.

Step 3: Sleep, but don’t forget to put on the alarm before the sunset so you are ready to meet the day when the sun rises over the Atlantic ocean. Put your running gear on above your swimming outfit.

Step 4: After shooting some sunrise pic’s at the beach, go for a 10K run at the beach promenade. If you wanna read about running in Miami, check out my post about that here (LINK). Celebrate your performance with a swim.

Step 5: Enjoy a nice brekkie at the hotel, visit a nice café or bring some eatables to the beach.


Step 6: Relax. Spend the day at the beach. Read, listen to music, podcasts, socialize, take a walk, sleep, play beach tennis or do whatever suits you. South beach is a beachlovers paradise.

Step 7: Do some yoga at 3rd street while watching the sunset. Check out more info here (LINK).

Step 8: Enjoy the worlds best burgers at Shake shack which you find at Lincoln streetmall. Do some shopping or sit down and take a drink while doing people watching.

Step 9: Enjoy the nightlife at SoBe. There are loads of things to explore and everyone will find something suitable. From restaurants, live music bars to clubs with great DJs. If you are heading to a club, try to get to know some promotors and they will let you in for free.

Step 10: Get some hours of sleep but don’t forget to put on the alarm clock. Wake up and before you are awake go out for a run.

Step 11: Enjoy a tasteful brekkie and spend your last hours soaking up the sun before going back to the airport. The airport have nothing to offer in terms of shopping or eating so there is no need to spend more time than necessary there.


There are though loads and loads of things more to explore in Miami but if you are short on time you can still fit a lot of nice things into the hours you have at your disposal. If you need to heat up during the winter, please keep in mind that Miami is not that far away travel wise from Europe and a long weekend in Miami is not as crazy as it might sound. Enjoy your travels!

/ Pernilla the Florida lover

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