Business trip to Malta

Once upon a time I worked for a different airline and often went to business trips to Malta. Then I changed airline to represent but for my very first business trip with my new company I got assigned a project at Malta. Somehow I seems to always end up at the small island having Sicily as the closest neighbor.

Malta from another perspective

With my old job we stayed at Hilton. Now we stayed at Marriott. Those are supposed to be the two best hotels at the island . I would though say that I prefer Hilton. Rooms are more spacious, better pools and the gym is way better and have longer opening hours. Also the indoor pool at Marriott was a kids-club. And last but not least wild chickens outside my room was waking me up way to early in the mornings.

Apart from another hotel I also been to a different MRO. A MRO is a place where aircraft’s go for maintenance. At Malta aviation maintenance is a big business and many airlines from Europe and Middle East come there to renovate or maintain their planes. I am currently working with a narrow body Airbus aircraft having its layover there so I was there for that reason. More or less a trip with same-same but different.

Spare time

I had much more spare time than I usually have when on business trips and we left the office after normal business hours. One evening we had dinner at the hotel which was everything else than success. In truly Maltese manner they forgot things that was ordered. Food was also less good. The burger sliders I ordered had the size of a Euro coin. That is really what I call small.

Another night we headed out to Valletta. Walked around a bit at the old streets which are beautiful before we went to a very good restaurant where I had a delicious pasta pesto with scampi. I would recommend the place but I never took notice of the name. It was very warm outside so I walked back to the hotel while calling a friend but the others stayed and went to another bar.

Of course I had one training evening also. Headed out at the crowded street for a 10K run. It wasn’t fast since i am having some easy training days post Sundays marathon. I also went to the gym and pool and one evening I bought my favorite sushi from Asian Kingdom which I sat down at some cliffs and enjoyed. And not surprisingly I also managed to fit in a morning walk and a swim before breakfast one day.

But Malta. The island that keeps on proving my nerves, make me breath in and out. Take deep breaths and be patient. Malta, the place where you get used to that things doesn’t work. You need to think plan A but then you will end up at plan C or D in best cases. Malta, the island where traffic is chaos. Where it takes more than an hour to transport yourself 8 kilometers by car. Malta you are a good place for a long weekend trip but not as a place to work efficient at. But now heading home-home to enjoy a long weekend. Until next time.

/ Pernilla that just got back from island life


  1. I have been wanting to visit Malta for years now, but somehow, everytime I get close to booking that trip – life get’s in the way. But someday I will get there, even if I go by boat from Sicily 😀

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