Spring arrival

Monday was still Eastern holiday so I was off work. It was almost 20 degrees and I had my first dipp into the Zürich sea. Cold but fresh. Weather wise this week have offered the whole perspective from rain to spring. This weekend there has been a spring festival, Frühlingsfest in Zurich and I enjoy to see local traditions so I have checked it out. Today was a kids parade with 3000 youngsters (and some older ones) passing through the streets of central Zürich but after two hours outside in the rain I gave up the freezing cold 8 degrees “spring” festival that more felt like a water festival today.

I watched a bit of it yesterday evening also. There were parties going on starting last evening and people dressed up in traditional clothes. Also a lot of traditional music has been played. Not any music I choose to listen to at Spotify but I am deeply impressed by everyone playing instruments. Even small kids was taking part in the orchestras and sometimes the drums were almost bigger than themselves. Tomorrow the ones working in the city of Zürich has a day off because of the festival. I don’t since I work in Kloten and that is another canton and public holidays are very local here. Kloten were my Swiss office is located is just a 15 minutes train ride from Zürich hauptbahnhof so you get an idea with what I mean by local. Anyway there will be a highlight also at 18:00 when they burn down a snowman look-a-like figure and have BBQ afterwards so I plan to check that out after work.

Exploring Zürich

There are still a lot of new things here to explore so I try to check out different neighbourhods of the city. On Saturday I walked around in Wiedikon and it felt urban chic. It is very close to the city and I had a good time walking around there before I went for a break at Starbucks. Could maybe have chosen another café but I felt for a frappe. I am planning to get a bike and passed by a market where they sold used bikes. I want one of those -80’s bikes which still works perfectly.

Training in progress

At work I am still doing training. No more courses like the first week. I got a an Edelweiss aircraft project at Malta to take care of so now my English is influenced by a lot of “ooorajt” again after talking to maltese people. Private training I am also doing. I been running four times this week. One fast 10Ker on Monday along Limmat river which is a favorite run in this city. On Thursday I joined Adidas runclub for intervals. I was a part of the club in Stockholm until they had to close it down so it was fun to join here. Running intervals myself I am not good at if I don’t have a treadmill so I was happy to join their session and I will definitely come back.

Friday after work weather was stunning so I headed out to run along the Zürich shoreline. The alps were in the background and it was a beautiful spring evening. I also got some credits from Classpass so I could try out more training studios. On Tuesday I was going to a gym Hit4Fit and joined a cardio class. It was fun for one time but nothing I would join at a regular basis. The session lasted for an hour and was basically five minutes of jump rope, then five minutes of strength training to deep house music.

This rainy Sunday morning I had signed up for another class through Classpass. A Vinyasa yoga class at Das Yoga haus. The class was 90 minutes and when I join a yoga class I prefer the ones which contains 90 minutes of yoga positions. This one had 20 minutes meditation which I don’t enjoy. I got a good chance to practice my German though. The teacher asked if she should do English but I thought free German class, so why not. But to be honest I understand quite a lot of German so I had no problem to understand even during the part with closed eyes. On the S-bahn to work I use the 15 minutes trip to read news in German.

So let’s see what next week brings here in Switzerland. Hopefully a new marathon to my collection. The race is sold out so I am sourcing a bib which seems to be a bit difficult to find. But staying positive, I am pro in sourcing.

/ Pernilla in Zürich

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