Best ski resort in Sweden

Happy new year! Welcome to 2023 that started two weeks ago, hope your year has been great this far. My had such a great start and was spent with some of my best friends at the ski resort Åre. I do more or less end up celebrating New Years at different places each and every year. Last year I celebrated my first NYE in Stockholm for the first time or I don’t know if celebrating is the right word since I was working until just a few hours before the fireworks broke out. This year I wasn’t working a lot during the holidays so I had a fair share of time off to use to my favorite activity, skiing.

We all stayed at my friends place and had a great time. Hanging out at home in between going to the slopes and xc skiing tracks. Eating freshly baked bread for breakfast and chilling out in the couch watching winter sports. Of course we also went to all our favorite places for after ski (some days it ended up being pre-ski) and having fish tacos at Broken.

XC skiing

After the mountain had closed we headed to Björnen for cross country skiing. Much funnier than going lap after lap around the small skiing tracks in Stockholm. Gotta train a bit before Vasaloppet in March.

Mountain magic

The weather in Åre was with us. Not to cold and the sun was shining most of the time. The top was not open all the time but the first day it was so our premiere run for the season was from the top. Someone said you should start going easy… It wasn’t a pleasure since it was very icy but thanks to sharp edges we did not had to join the massive amount of people that forgot to read the sign that only the black run was open and that it was icy and was walking down.

The full system wasn’t open and there was not enough snow allowing to go outside the marked runs but completely enjoyable anyway and the lines wasn’t as long as I expected for being holiday period.

New Years eve

I am not the biggest fan of the holidays when you “should do” something special. I rather do “something special” for other reasons. One of my friends is a pro event organizer so she did of course arranged a dinner and invited us to a friend of a friends place with the perfect balcony view over the small but cute Åre square. We ended up being like ten people cooking and having dinner and drinks. The day after we weren’t too tired so managed to go skiing just before noon.

I did unfortunately had to head home in the evening of 1st January since I had to go on a business trip the 2nd. I am by far not done skiing in Åre for this season. Already counting the days until my next visit. Or visit to any other ski resort.

/ Pernilla that looking forward to a winter with loads of skiing

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