Desert adventure in Jordan

I more or less do not know where to begin to tell the story about my recent adventure to Jordan and the amazing experience when we stayed at a Bedouin camp in the Wadi Rum desert so let’s take it all from the beginning. After visiting the world heritage site of Petra our dedicated driver dropped us of at the visitor center at Wadi Rum about two hours drive from Petra. There we got picked up by a jeep that took us out to the camp.

I had never ever been to a Bedouin camp before so the excitement were on top. I been to deserts several times and loved it every minute. A sandbox for grownups. Can it be better? There are plenty of camps to select between so we just picked one. More or less all offers the same thing and this were really a good choice. It was simple and friendly atmosphere. I was in the middle of a conversation on the way out to the camp but got cut off and it all became radio silence. No wifi or no mobile network. Good news is that I survived.

A night at the campfire

Shortly after arrival at the camp it was BBQ time. I wasn’t hungry but what do you do when they serve under ground BBQ food? eat. It tasted really good. And now I can tick off sandbox cooked food from my experience list.

After the food we all gathered around the campfire. There was a group of people from Amman and a bunch of runners that were hitting the desert for a running weekend. They were well prepared and had marshmallows and ingredients to build smores with them so we all got our sweet tooths satisfied also before going to bed. The tent was rather cold and even though I slept with socks and stuff I was freezing through the night (tips! bring warm clothes).

Waking up with the sun

We put the alarm clock at 06am in order to get up and see the sunrise and go for a hike before breakfast was served. I mean who can miss out that? I left my running shoes in our drivers car so had to walk in flip flops. I don’t mind but again, note to myself for 1000 million time bring suitable gears.

After breakfast we took off out in the magic of Wadi Rum for a two hours jeep drive. It was a lot of wow. Honestly the whole time. Camels, mountains, rocks, views, sand and so on. It was just a constant wow.

Jeep tour in Wadi Rum

In order to drive in Wadi Rum you need a special license. After our two hour tour the views still felt like a lot of wow but it was enough with two hours. If you will go for a longer hike then of course you can make a longer tour.

Wadi Rum desert was just amazing. Definitely one of the most beautiful places I ever been to. I would recommend everyone going to Jordan to at least visit it and most preferably also stay overnight.

The most beautiful place in my opinion was the above one. It is a pound that facilitate the area with water. Did you knew that Jordan is one of the countries in the world which have the least amount of water? I didn’t. Yet another point taken from this trip.

After the jeep tour we had some more time to walk around in the nearby area before heading back to the visitor center were our driver was waiting to bring us to our last stop at the Jordan tour. This was just a top notch memory that I will bring with me for life. If you ever have the chance to go – do it!

/ Pernilla that love hanging out in deserts


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