Belgrade bound

The world is open for travels again and no one is happier than me. I take every opportunity I can to go and see the world and when I had some days back in June with no particular plans I booked a ticket with Air Serbia’s direct flight from Arlanda to Belgrade. I mean, why not?

A “wow” city

I had been transferring at the airport before but that was as close to Belgrade I have been. Now it was time to get out and breath the Serbian air. Due to no Ubers I took a taxi from the airport to my hotel and started with a good nights sleep. It’s Serbia so watch out so you don’t get scammed with the airport taxis. The first morning I headed off in direction to Starbucks in order to get a wakeup coffee before exploring the city. And of course but a new city mug. Already on the way to the world famous coffee shop I said “wow” so many times. The city was already above my expectations. Buildings were very impressing and there were a mix of old and new ones. Exactly how I prefer it. Temperature wise it was over 30 degrees so pretty hot for waking around in a city without a coast. There is a river, or actually two around which everything is centered Donau and Sava.

Alongside the rivers there are loads of floating hotels and bars. I was aiming for staying at one but the ones I had looked at before were booked out so I ended up at a regular hotel.

I started to explore the city center and fort. It was very nice with a good view and a park. There were also some museums like a war museum and children’s museum. It was great to walk around under the trees to get some shade before I continued my journey by foot along the river.

Next stop for me this Monday was the man made lake Ada where I aimed for cooling off in the water. It was a nice place which stone beach and clear water so immediately when I got there I went for a swim before I had an ice cream at one of the many beach bars. Serbia is a cash country so that is good to remember. Card is accepted but not everywhere.

When I was done with beaching for the day I walked over one of the many bridges over the river. I really wanted to get the view from the bridge so although a long walk it was worth the view.

If that walking wasn’t enough I decided to make my way home also by foot. It was perfect weather and I stopped by one of the floating bars for a drink. A day exploring Belgrade could be worse. Honestly Belgrade is a really good place for a weekend trip especially when you been to “all other places”.

/ Pernilla that had a good time sightseeing Belgrade

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