Tel Aviv Yafo

I have heard so many great things about Tel Aviv in Israel and for years I have wanted to explore the city myself. The last ten years three friends of mine have lived here but somehow I never ended up going to visit them before they moved. But now I am here on my own to check out this place. One day and I am amazed. The people, the buildings, the atmosphere, the ice cream, the beach and all other impressions that I got during my first day here is beyond what I expected. The city reminds me a bit about Miami. A central beach, loads of bars and cafes, active people all around and a relaxed lifestyle and it is just a 7 hour trip from Sweden. So one day in Tel Aviv this far and comes a summary of Tel Aviv impressions after spending the day at the beach.

A beachday starts with…

GelatoGelato. Beach and ice cream goes together and since I was not in breakfast mode I had a huge gelato with coconut and caramel flavored scopes from the chic Gelato bar Anita near my hotel in the neighbourhood of Florientine here in Tel Aviv. Honestly, it was one of the best gelatos I ever had. And I have had many because ice cream is my guilty pleasure.

Beach of Tel Aviv

Beach wearThe last time I visited a real sandy beach was in June. In my world that equals a century. Since pools and beaches are among my favorite things in life I had planned a full beach day today. So with Havaianas, magazines, ice tea and a stuffed beach bag I enjoyed a day at the soft white sand doing nothing except from going in and out from the sea and reading.

Tel Aviv beachThe beach here is not long and straight like Miami beach instead it consist of different bays but you can walk the whole beach which was about 8K. The sand is perfect though. Soft, white and perfect to walk on. I got the impression that people in general seems to be very sporty here. Almost everywhere people were doing excising, yoga, playing volleyball and beach tennis and I saw several outdoor gyms at the beach.

Pink flamingoAnd I spotted a pink flamingo that someone had lost. Definitely one of the most instagramed thing this summer so I had to add a photo of it to my account aswell (check out my insta: pillab).

BeachwalkOn the top of the fivestar beach Tel Aviv has a worldclass beachwalk crowded with runners, walkers and bikers making it even more perfect in my worldwide beach ranking. I didn’t try out the run path today but tomorrow I will for sure do.

IMG_3011Didn’t I say the beach reminded me about Miami? just look at the life guard tower. Looks like Miami. So after one day exploring the beach in Tel Aviv I only have positive adjectives to say about this place. So, I have still three more days to spend here so hit me with things that I cannot miss out.

/ Pernilla that really like Tel Aviv


  1. I always like hearing (or in this case- reading 🙂 ) of people that enjoyed Tel-Aviv! It’s funny that as someone who lives in Tel-Aviv, the beach area isn’t appealing to me at all, but every time I see photos or hear about a good experience someone had along the sea side- it makes me want to explore the area again 🙂 Oh, and Anita is my favorite gelato in the city, no doubt! 🙂 Would love to hear of more places in the city that you explored and loved! Keep having fun, cheers 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comment! TLV is really one of the top cities I been to in the world. Honestly. Now one out of five places I definitley could move to. Will write some more posts about this fab. place 🙂

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