Visit Taj Mahal

To visit the seven world wonders is on my travel bucket list and now I can cross mark another one, Taj Mahal. It was truly a magical place and I am so happy that I traveled to Agra to see it with my own eyes. Many tourists make a day trip from Delhi to go there but I would recommend to stay in Agra the night before so you can go there when they open at 5:30 am. Be at the ticket gate at 5 am and you will be one of the first ones to enter the place when they open. There were surprisingly not many tourists from abroad but many Indians when we were there on a Sunday morning. You could take a guided tour but I am not a fan of guidance because I want to visit places in my own pace and the facts I want to know I research myself.  We walked around with our cameras there for 2,5 hours when the sun was rising and it was one of the best sights I ever been to. Seriously.

My travel partner Readyfortakeoff had seen some truly magic pictures on instagram with a view over Taj Mahal from the river so we showed the picture and asked some people how to get there because we also wanted some fab pics. The first one told us they were not allowing boat trips near TM anymore due to security reasons but the picture was just a few weeks old so we asked someone else and yes, it was possible to go with the boat that was on the insta picture. We walked about 500 meters from TM, passed by a scary street that I would never ever walk myself but it was so worth it when we came to the boat. We negotiated with the owner and he took us out on the river to take beautiful pictures and see TM from the water. I also made an instagram video that I really love that you can find at my account pillab. If you ever go there this is my very best recommendation.

The visit to Taj Mahal is best described in pictures so here comes my best pics.

Taj Mahal

Pernilla Bredolt

Taj Mahal

Watching Taj Mahal

Watching Taj Mahal

Sunrise at Taj Mahal


Boat view

/ Pernilla that had a fab day at Taj Mahal


  1. If you see my pictures from
    Taj Mahal you will not regonize it! We were unlucky because when we were there TM was close in the morning for some reason and only reopen the afternoon. Imagine the crowds!😅

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