Longweekend in Doha

It was a while since I headed for an exploring trip so when I had a day off Monday this week I decided to go for one. I have been curious about traveling to Doha in Qatar for a long time and I am more than happy that I finally went. The place was well worth a visit I must say. Not a place to stay for a week but for a long weekend – definitely.

Doha AirportBefore I met the cute? ugly? sad? I don’t know – Doha Hamad airport bear I checked out what to do in Doha and what is a better source than a guide from someone who lived there? Readyfortakeoff. My trip started with a smooth Qatar airways dreamliner flight on Friday night and arrived Saturday morning. The immigration went smooth so in 15 minutes after disembarking the  plane I was in a cab direction Hilton in the Diplomatic area. The hotel was an excellent choice of accommodation.

Hilton DohaHotels in Doha are definitely not cheap but of good quality. I treated myself with a chilling Saturday spending the day by the pool and private beach reading an interesting book and doing nothing. In the evening I walked around a bit in the area, to a nearby shopping mall and a park close by the hotels. Doha is not a city made for walking and taxis are extremely cheap but I prefer walking around myself so since I am my own boss when I travel with myself I took a walk. Some people might think that I would be afraid walking around in a muslim country where walking is not really the thing but honestly didn’t felt unsafe at all, just hot since it was 40+ degrees outside.

Zouk DohaThe second day I felt for exploring the city and in the morning I headed to Souk Wilfley which was well worth a visit. I loved the local feeling, the architecture and the atmosphere so I walked around there for a while watching everything they sold although I didn’t brought anything back with me except memories. It felt like a real authentic place – no touristy stuff although a main tourist sight in Doha.

MIA DOHAYou probably heard that you must visit the Museum of Islamic Art while being in Doha so although I don’t enjoy art museums I went there preparing for a cultural chock and guess what – it was closed due to Ramadan. Bad luck. The building was very arty though so I made both one and two pictures of it.

BoatThen I headed for a favorite of mine. An evening stroll in the sunset nearby the water. Doha Corniche was a 10 point destination and if I would have been dressed in running gear it would have been an ultimate running route. Flat, spacious, scenic and inclusive people watching.

Pernilla BredoltThree days in Doha was just perfect. I got to see the sights I wanted to and had a relaxing time. Unfortunately I didn’t visited any rooftop bars since alcohol is not served during Ramadan but it was not the end of the world. I know that if you book a flight with Qatar airways you can do a free stopover in the city and they also offer sightseeing tours for if you have a long transit – an opportunity you cannot miss out. After this trip I got more inspiration to visit other countries in the Middle East. Oman and Bahrain are the next ones on my list. And South Arabia but that can be a bit tricky…

/ Pernilla in the Middle East


  1. Jag utgår från att du flög något annat än ekonomi med Qatar och deras Dreamliner, eller hur? 😉

    Doha låter intressant, framförallt efter helgen jag hade i Dubai. Har tänkt lite på det om jag åker österut nån gång att faktiskt tajma in ett längre stopp på flygplatsen så att en tur in till stan får plats innan nästa flight.

    1. Nej jag åkte econ med QR. Fast det var inget folk där men jag gillar fortfarande inte dem förrutom att crewet var supergulligt så jag fick god mat för jag gillade inte det som de hade på menyn 🙂

  2. Kul att läsa!! 🙂 och tack för att du tyckte om min guide! Hoppas du hade det bra i Doha, trots ramadan. Det är liksom inte samma sak tyvärr.. men du får återkomma 😉 kram!

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