Big Aussie cities

Now my collection of visiting big Australian cities is complete. Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Perth and now Adelaide are all pinned on my world travel map. Of them I like Melbourne and Sydney the most, Canberra the least and Perth and Adelaide is sometime in between. Perth and Adelaide are quite similar. Big cities at the coast that feels like living places and not tourist hot spots although there are a few things to see and  do at both places. I suppose most people visit Adelaide in combination with the Great Ocean Road that ends not too far from the city. However, I didn’t I visited Adelaide as a stand alone trip and here comes my review of the place.

Port in Glenelg

Adelaide beach

Like going to the beach. In Adelaide the most famous beach is called Glenelg. It looks like a beach. No surfing beach but just like a beach with great sand for taking long walks at which I of course did. The drawback of the beach were the many unleashed dogs.

Adelaide beach

City of Adelaide

From Glenelg to downtown there is a tram so it is very easy to go around although you don’t have a car which I didn’t so I tried it out. The city was like a normal city. Nothing special or eye-catching sights. The best thing was a nice park with a river. The funniest thing I spotted was though a BBQ boat that an Aussie traveling around with having BBQ at. They are crazy with doing BBQs down under. I like that.


Adelaide hills

The best gems of Adelaide is not in the city though. They are a little bit further from the city center and are to be found at Adelaide hills. It is a picturesque area with wineries, victorian styled houses, hikes to do and places to chill at. The most popular hike goes to Mount Lofty  but since I was there on a holiday weekend it was rather difficult to get there so I had to skip that activity. But I am sure I been to better hikes after looking at google pictures.

Victorian house

With that said I am feeling rather satisfied with my Australia visits for a while. I will get back to the country when the Whitesunday’s is tourist friendly again. But you never know. It can be before. Have you been to Australia? which cities did you liked the most? or have you just been to the wild?

/ Pernilla the Aussie traveler


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