Travel bucket list

En både positiv och negativ aspekt av att blogga är att drömmar finns kvar på print. Den 5 Februari år 2017 skrev jag en travel bucket list (HÄR finns den).  Denna lista innehåller 100 platser/saker jag önskade göra. Med jämna mellanrum uppdaterar jag den med vad jag har gjort och lägger till en resedröm för varje sak jag har gjort. Det är viktigt att drömma stort. Har du någon resedrömlista? De fet markerade har jag prickat in sedan listan skrevs och nya uppdateringar finns längre ner i inlägger.

Travelbucketlist 2017

  • Visit Petra in Jordan
  • See Tai Mahal in India
  • Run a halfmarathon in Telaviv – been to TLV but not been running any half marathon
  • Stay at Marina bay Sands in Singapore
  • Run the big 5 marathon (Tokyo, London, Berlin, Boston and NYC)
  • Hike to the top of Kebnekaise
  • Explore the beaches at New Caledonia
  • Hiking at Tromsö
  • See Nordic light
  • Stay at the ice hotel in Jukkasjärvi
  • Walk around at Machu picchu
  • See the Iguazu falls
  • Sailing in Croatia
  • Run 3-4 marathons abroad every year
  • Visit Big sur
  • Hiking in the Atlas mountains
  • Watch Formula 1 at a cool place
  • Skiing in Northern Japan
  • Explore the real Hawaii island
  • Visit all Disney parks (Paris and HKG to go)
  • Go for dessert safari
  • Try all rollercoasters at Six flags in Florida
  • Skiing in the alps
  • Go for a surfing, yoga and hangout long weekend trip to Biarritz
  • Visit all states in the US
  • Fly with Singapore airlines
  • Taking nice photos at Reunion
  • Try out the worlds fastest rollercoaster
  • Hike to Trolltunga in Norway
  • Go sailing at White Sundays in Australia
  • See Cirque de terre
  • Skiing in Georgia
  • Visit Mongolia
  • Skiing the famous XC skiing race Marcialonga
  • Explore the west coast of the South island in New Zealand
  • Swim in the worlds largest swiming pool in Chile
  • Do yoga at Aruba
  • Go to Bora bora
  • Visit the Airbus factory in Toulouse
  • Explore the beaches of Cook island
  • Go for a cruise in the Caribbean
  • See the Panama canal
  • Buy a Starbucks cup in Taiwan
  • Participate in Vasaloppet in China
  • Visit Auswitch
  • Take photos of amazing temples in Meyamar
  • Visit Tibet
  • Go to Cape Verde for a week
  • Island hopping in Greece
  • Sailing in Croatia
  • Run the marathon in Almighty
  • Watch soccer world championships live
  • Watch NHL in Madison square garden
  • Watch a musical in London
  • Tomorrowland festival in Belgium
  • Revisit South Korea where I went to the Uni.
  • Celebrate Kingsday in Holland
  • Check out tiny little Luxemburg
  • Visit Miami ultra festival
  • Visit the west coast of Florida
  • Live the expat life in Hong Kong for a few years
  •  Visit the indoor swimingpark in Berlin
  • Explore Greenland
  • Swim in the pools in Budapest
  • Watch penguins at Madagascar
  • Check out Sri Lanka
  • Try out a helikopter ride
  • Drink afternoon tea at Raffels in Singapore
  • Swimming and skiing at Lake Tahoe
  • Visit all cities that have hosted the Olympic games
  • Skiing trip to Vail
  • See the pyramids in Egypt
  • Visit markets in Marrakesh
  • Fly with a sea plane
  • Stay at a castle in France
  • Visit Pantagonia
  • Explore a huge container harbour
  • Visit Mekka and see all preyers
  • Go to Bangladesh and visit an orphanage
  • Walk to the top of mount Fuji
  • Check out an aircraft grave yard
  • Visit the country side in rural China
  • Hiking in Nepal
  • Visit Apple head office
  • Drive the Garden route in South Africa
  • Yoga trip to Costa Rica
  • Watch polar bears in Svalbard
  • Check out the channels of Venice
  • Eat pizza in Naples
  • Watch the Olympic games live
  • Explore the beaches of Barbados
  • Visit all new 7-world wonders (4 to go: Chichen itza, Thai Mahal, Petra, Machu Picchu)
  • Visit the Tianzi mountains in China
  • Do ice hiking in New Zealand
  • Visit the Glacier park in Montana
  • Kayaking at Phewa lake in Nepal
  • Clubbing, beach and lounge trip to Ibiza
  • Visit Oman
  • Visit the castle Neuschwinstein in Germany
  • Reach the top of Kilimanjaro

Nya drömresor 2019:

15 av 100 (99 då en punkt “Sailing in Croatia” är dubbel) har jag prickat in. Med andra ord dags att uppdatera listan med 16 nya punkter och då väljer jag följande:

  1. Swim with pigs in Bahamas
  2. Visit Palm Springs in California
  3. Travel to Chernobyl and have a tour at the ex. nuclear plant
  4. Enjoy the beautiful beaches at La Digue in Seychelles
  5. Run the great Ethiopian race in Addis
  6. Fly hot air ballon
  7. Walk around in Miraflores in Lima
  8. Visit the Rainbow mountains of Peru
  9. Walk out on the sightseeing Zhangjiaije glas bridge plattform in China
  10. Go to Iran for sightseeing and skiing
  11. Run a Disney race
  12. Camping in the North of Norway
  13. Skiing and visit the ice festival in Sapporo, Japan
  14. Go hiking and camping in the alps
  15. Spend half a year in Indonesia
  16. Visit all landscapes in Sweden and do something typical in each and every of them


Travel bucketlist dreams 2022 edition:

Yet another year have passed. Despite that a lot of our freedom to move around the world as we wish to have disappeared the last two years I have managed to fulfil 14 points at my travelbucketlist. One of my biggest goals for 2022 is to reclaim that freedom and start exploring the world again. 14 points down on the list means room to add 14 new ones:

  1.  Do some random travel in Africa.
  2.  Take the boat from Vienna to Slovakia.
  3.  Visit Ljubljana and be a tourist.
  4.  Roadtrip around Corsica.
  5.  Hiking at the Azores.
  6.  Give Maldives a second chance.
  7.  Travel around the world for a month and go wherever I feel for.
  8.  Do a weekendtrip to Shanghai.
  9.  Stay at odd hotels in Berlin. Like the caravan hotel and DDR one.
  10.  Visit Gibraltar just because I haven’t been there.
  11.  Go skiing in Serra Nievada.
  12.  Check out if Annecy is as pretty as it looks on pictures.
  13.  Visit Kennedy’s summer island outside of Boston.
  14.  Serbia. Could that be a nice place? Worth checking out.

/ Pernilla that keeps on dreaming about worldwide adventures


  1. Tur att du är ung och har tid 😊
    Många intressanta resedrömmar. Några har jag gjort, t.ex vandrat i Nepal (1992) och ätit pizza i Neapel (i tisdags)! Andra delar jag, tex simma med Bahamasgrisarna!

  2. Jag började med en lista på platser jag vill besöka men fick nästan lite panik när den började bli riktigt lång. Är sådan att jag vill att allt ska ske NU, därav paniken istället för att inse att jag faktiskt har tid.
    Får nog utmana mig själv och skriva en liknande lista som du. För det är ju så tillfredsställande att kunna bocka av en dröm som blivit uppfylld. Dock trist att corona fortfarande försvårar möjligheterna att uppnå det man vill.

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